Welcome to the Math Teachers’ Circle of Middle TN! 

Come meet new people who share your passion for mathematics and mathematics education while engaging your problem solving skills through mathematical play, mathematical discourse, and low-floor/high-ceiling mathematics tasks that offer multiple solution paths. During a typical meeting, we engage in a problem that has an easy way to get started but is often still yet unsolved by the time we wrap up for the day. The point, as we see it, is to enjoy mathematical problem solving while engaging in discussions about how to do and how to approach mathematics.

Engage in mathematical problem solving for the sake of interest & curiosity


Promote the value of discourse in mathematical learning, practice, and engagement 


Meet and extend our network of math-minded folks


Math is radical! 

“I loved that [the task] drew on different kinds of smartness. Visual, symbolic, numerical.” – feedback from an MTCMidTN participant